Nevada's Sesquicentennial

      October 31, 1864 - October 31, 2014

Comstock Mining Mints Pure (.9999) Comstock Silver Medallion

Comstock Mining Mints Pure (.9999) Comstock Silver Medallion

VIRGINIA CITY, NV--(Marketwired - October 15, 2014) - Comstock Mining Inc. (NYSE MKT: LODE) announced today that it has designed and minted an artfully crafted, limited-edition medallion struck from one troy ounce of pure (.9999) Comstock silver. This specially designed silver medallion honors Nevada's Sesquicentennial, celebrating 150 years of statehood! This is the first time since the U.S. Mint in Carson City closed in 1893 that pure Comstock silver is being minted in such a substantial, authentic medallion. The silver was mined safely and responsibly, with the highest environmental standards, directly from the historic Comstock District. Each medallion is an expression of the deep heritage of the great Comstock Lode, famous for generating enormous wealth, facilitating statehood for Nevada in 1864, and shaping mining practices worldwide for over six decades.

The medallion features Gold Hill, Nevada in the early 1870s, including the world-renowned Crown Point Trestle. The medallion's reverse captures Gold Hill's Upper Yellow Jacket Hoist and Ore Chute, recently restored by the Comstock Foundation for History & Culture. Each medallion will be minted from one troy ounce of pure (.9999) silver. Ron Oden, a Lake Tahoe based artist and graphic designer, developed the images for the medallion. "Ron has captured remarkable features and the beauty and bustle of the Comstock Lode, at its height, providing Nevada with an inspiring design for this historic and uniquely precious, silver medallion," stated Corrado De Gasperis, CEO of Comstock Mining.

This commemorative is being offered for $100.50 each and include free shipping in the United States. Volume discounts are available for purchases of 5 and 10 or more. This medallion can be purchased now on the Company website, with shipping available before Nevada Day (October 31st).

"We are proud to offer this artistic rendition of our national legacy and the Silver State's great mining heritage, as the Company looks proudly to the future while honoring and celebrating Nevada's significant past. We are working in partnership with the Comstock Foundation for History & Culture, to save the fragile structures of the National Historic Landmark District, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going directly to preservation and restorations on the National Landmark," continued Mr. De Gasperis, CEO of Comstock Mining.

About Comstock Mining Inc.
Comstock Mining Inc. is a producing, Nevada-based, gold and silver mining company with extensive, contiguous property in the Comstock District. The Company began acquiring properties in the Comstock District in 2003. Since then, the Company has consolidated a significant portion of the Comstock District, amassed the single largest known repository of historical and current geological data on the Comstock region, secured permits, built an infrastructure and commenced production in 2012. The Company continues acquiring additional properties in the district, expanding its footprint and creating opportunities for further exploration and mining. The near term goal of our business plan is to deliver stockholder value by validating qualified resources (measured and indicated) and reserves (proven and probable) of at least 3,250,000 gold equivalent ounces from our first two resource areas, Lucerne and Dayton, achieve initial commercial mining and processing operations in the Lucerne Mine with annual production rates of approximately 40,000 gold equivalent ounces and significantly grow production through the commercial development and expansions of both the Lucerne and Dayton Mine plans.

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